Welcome To Vom Regal Haus Shepherds

Vom Regal Haus Shepherds is a family owned hobby breeder.  Keeping true to our motto, parents of our puppies are hip certified thru OFA or “A” stamp from Germany.  We use a very selective and controlled breeding program schedule.

Our #1 priority in our breeding program is to strive in achieving a dog that is structurally balanced and of strong character, self assured and absolutely natural.

A dog that is good nature, with instinctive behavior, resilience and self assurance to be suitable as a family companion, guard, protection, service and herding dog.

In order to obtain this, all of our dogs and puppies are raised and live in a family setting on a 5 acre farm in Southwest Florida where they are socialized daily and allowed to run and are exposed to other animals such as horses, chickens, deer and any other woodland neighbors who frequent the property. At Vom Regal Haus Shepherds we feel this interaction provides the perfect setting to bring out the desired qualities of the German Shepherd Dog in a natural way.

Thank you for visiting Vom Regal Haus Shepherds and feel free to contact us for any additional questions.

Members of the Schutzhund Club & AKC.