Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a Health certificate with your puppies?

Yes we provide a Health certificate issued by a licensed vet as required by the State of Florida

Have puppies been wormed?

Yes puppies are wormed on a 3 week schedule starting at 6 weeks.

Will puppies have any shots?

Puppies get their first puppy shot starting at 7 weeks and continue every 3 weeks and any other applicable vaccination at time of sale.

Do you provide AKC registration papers?

All of our puppies come with full AKC registration for the Buyer to register.

Do I get medical records?

Yes full medical records are given for Buyer to follow up with further pending required vaccine and worming as applicable.

Do the puppies come with any kind of permanent identification?

Yes all of our puppies come with either microchip or tattoo.

Do you provide assistance in making the transition from your feeding schedule?

Yes we provide enough puppy food to allow time to obtain same food or transition to another food and you receive feeding instructions of existing schedule.

Are the parents registered?

Yes all the parents are registered.

Can I see the parents?

Yes. All our adults are extremely sociable and we encourage clients to spend time with them to truly appreciate their sound temperaments, clear heads, and confident yet gentle nature.